Absolute 3 download version slow !!

With the Absolute 3 download version one is forced to use the “download assistant”. You cannot download installers direct from My Steinberg as with the older system. What’s very annoying is that the download version is quite slow, average of 6 to 7 MB/s? Other downloads are normally 4 to 5 times as fast on my system !! f.i. from the Toontrack site. - F

The purpose of the download assistant is to allow you to resume your downloads, and shouldn’t slow down your download speed at all.

There’s probably way over a hundred people trying to download 70GB of data at the same time. Of course things will be slow. Toontrack themselves constantly receive complaints about slow downloads.

I hear you on the download problems. I am sure this will be the case for downloads this weekend. I want to get Absolute 3 but I don’t want to do a download. Is this available on a hard drive or DVD?

The boxed version is only available in other stores, which I believe aren’t offering this sale.

That explains it, and the price offer versus the DVD box probably containing 7 or 8 DVDs makes the slow download “acceptable”, took me about 3 hours. F