Absolute 3 : First experiences from download to setup

Decided it was time to get a bit more involved in Cubase and purchased the Absolute 3 collection. Most of my recording is audio and midi is noticeably absent. The download manager performed flawlessly and luckily having the Fios gigabit service the download was very quick. Each of the 11 pieces loaded and extracted and some upgrades went through as easily.

There is much more to this than I thought with regards to content. Spent a a few hours printing manuals which I prefer to hold while reading instead of electronically flipping pages. The standalone versions all work very nicely and I’ll be working on my midi triggering devices which still need a bit of tweaking.

While I have only a few new test tracks created, I can see this will add a couple of missing parts to my “stuff”. Learning how and where to implement it will a greater challenge but the performance of the VST’s are great. Credit where credit is due and this is a terrific collection

I also bought the Absolute 3.
I downloaded all the items.
I am surprised that the first item is named Absolute 2 - Falcon Heavy ??? Is that OK??
And now I have ti install the Absolute 3 collection.
Do I install all the instruments separately? One by one? Or there is a single installation for all of the Absolute 3 collection?

You’re supposed to download and install each item in any order you want.

Thanks a lot!

— “11 pieces”— Haven’t got my download key yet, but just read in a previous post there are 11 pieces to the 90 GB full download? Holy midi, Batman… NINETY GB?!?..

Am I right, to assume not all the pieces need to be downloaded at once? Like, can I DL say…5 of what seems to be interesting one month and the remainder the next month?

Sorry guys, I don’t have unlimited bandwidth living out in the sticks. 50GB limit allowed per month unless I pay LOTS extra!!..Hughesnet satellite internet instead of my 14.4 modem.


The download is 70 GB, and yes, like I said above you can download everything separately, and in any order you want.

I would recommend starting with Halion 6 and Groove Agent 4 (34 GB). These are the “core” items of the package. The rest you should pick based on what interests you more.

Keep in mind that if you have Cubase Artist or Pro 9.5, you already have the full version of Retrologue 2, but everything else includes new stuff that you don’t have.

Romantique Tp - thanks. Just what I needed & thanks for that screenshot - a picture is worth a thousand words :slight_smile:.

Have a good day,

hi, can someone please tell me what the difference between absolute 2 and 3 is?

in the steinberg download assistant i cannot see any difference…


Absolute 3 comes with Halion 6, which also includes Halion Sonic 3: