Absolute 3, The Grand 3 - Missing Files

From “The Grand 3 - Missing content - Troubleshooting” (https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/the-grand-3-missing-content-troubleshooting.html):

However, it is recommended to set the installation path(s) for the content when the The Grand 3 installation is started for the first time. In the first installer screen one can access the configuration by clicking on the Settings button on the bottom left.

I recently purchased and installed Cubase Pro 9.5 and Absolute 3 on my MacBook Pro running the High Sierra OS. I followed the installation recommendation noted in the preceding cited article for mostly all the Absolute 3 software. In come cases, where the content size was not daunting, I opted to install those VSTSound files locally. Having external drives available for sound libraries, I chose to store The Grand3 and other VSTSound files to an external drive by selecting the custom folder option made available by their respective installers. This is no different a process than I have used with countless under installs. Yet, when opening ‘The Grand 3’, it reported missing files.

The article cited at the top of this post lays out the names and locations of the expected folders for The Grand 3. It also recommends adding file aliases (a.k.a., ‘shortcuts’) in the appropriate folder for any VSTSound files installed to an external drive. I plan to check for these folder names and follow Steinberg’s guidance, but this installation process seems Draconian. As mentioned, I never encountered this degree of human involvement in what should otherwise be a seamless & automated process.

Four questions:

  • Has anyone experienced the ‘missing files’ error with this install?

  • As I installed most of the Halion 6 libraries to an external drive, will I need to check the appropriately named OS X folders and provide aliases to the VSTSound files’ actual location?

  • When installing Cubase Pro 9.5, I noticed that Halion 6 SE and Sonic 3 SE content (i.e., VSTSound files) were installed to the local drive by default. I may have missed the custom folder selection for VSTSound files the Cubase Pro 9.5 installation. In any case, will I need to follow the same general process outlined in the article cited at the top of this post?

  • If after verifying the folder locations and alias files, The Grand 3 still reports missing files, then how do I fix this? I installed the software in accordance with Steinberg’s installation and activation processes, using Steinberg’s download installer and e-Licenser applications, respectively. Barring a complete re-install, do you have other recommendations on acquiring the missing files? For example, does Steinberg provide disk images of its software and VSTSound files, where I can build, for example, only the VSTSound file image required? If a full re-install is the only way out, then will I need to first uninstall Absolute 3 plugins and then re-install them, or re-installing write over the current install without any hiccups? If an un-install is required, then what is the process for completely un-installing Steinberg products?