Absolute 3 upgrade/crossgrade


Been browsing around trying to find info on this but came up with nothing. So, i wonder… Im thinking about buying Absolute 3. But as i already own more than half what in that bundle im a little confused on how to upgrade to the full ABsolute 3. Dont seem to be any options for it? Does that mean i have to end up with double plugins if i want to have it?


You can upgrade your most expensive plugin and sell the rest. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to buy a separate eLicenser for each different person you sell to.

Thaks for your answer… but the point in doing this Absolute 3 deal would be to get two things. If there isnt an upgrade option with what i already have (Expensive and upgraded already) then isnt any point. I mean the deal is good if you have nothing and maybe one plugin but having to sell what i got and loose money isnt that smart. Then there are other things i can spend my money on.

But thanks for letting me know. I guess they will get my money on the nxt updrade of cubase instead… as always :wink: