Absolute 4 - Downloaded and no elicenses


I have just finished downloading Absolute 4 with the help from the Steinberg helpcenter.

All the VST’s including Halion 6 are saying they need elicenses activating but nobody from Steinberg has sent the licenses.

I am currently using Cubase 10 pro with the dongle and Cubase is working fine.

Do you have to wait for Steinberg to send the elicense codes? because Cubase messages are saying I can only use the Absolute 4 VST’s for next 24hrs approx. (on start up).

Its frustrating because I thought it would be automatic in the download center.

My eLicenser control center is on a different HD to my downloaded Absolute 4 VST’s is that ok.

Thanks for any help.


Did you purchase Absolute 4?

Hi jaslan,

Thanks for reply. The e licence was in my purchase email reply.

Nowhere in the manual or download guidelines does it state customers elicence will be sent by email.

really frustrating.