Absolute 4 - Elicenser problems

just upgraded my Absolute 3 to Absolute 4. I only can use it inide the USB Elicenser . It says on the webstie that Absolute 4 is upported by soft Elicenser
as well. I don’t want to ue the usb dongle. How i transfer it to the software? What is the problem? Please don’t tell me that I need to buy the full version of Absolute 4 in order to do that, and not to upgrade, because it will be a bad, bad joke.

unfortunately its not possible to transfer the license from the usb to the software elicenser


Thanks for the info
so, I have Absolute 4, but at the same time i dont really have Absolute 4.
honestly I think this is outrageous. so steinberg put misinformation on their website, and it is not the first time. I’m not even going to spend time on asking for a refund, but just you know steinberg that you lost a customer.