Absolute 4 - Standalone Instruments installation


I use “Steinberg Application Installer Tool” to install the “Absolute 4” collection.
Some VSTis like “Halion 6” and “Halion Sonic” also install Standalone versions and offer no option to not install the standalone versions of the instruments.

Since I only use the VSTi version of these instruments, is there any way to stop the standalone version from being installed and avoid such a waste disk space?

I also noticed that, despite pointing the standalone installation of these instruments to a different disk path, a lot of content of that instrument is installed on disk “C:” anyway.
This is really annoying, can it be avoided?

Thank you.

The content is the same for the VST and the standalone. You don’t save much space at all.

I suppose if you want to remove the .app files, just delete them, as is standard for MacOS.

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I understand what you are saying about the “Content” used being the same.
The content alone for the HALion 6 + HalionSonic is up to 40Gb and it can be installed in any disk, but that HALion installation process, alone, takes around 800Mb of “C:” disk, even if the installation was pointed to a different disk like “D:” or any other disk.
This is what annoys me so far.

Maybe there is a reasonable reason for this installation behavior but I can’t really figure out one.

I do appreciate the suggestion tho, I guess I’m going to just try that and see how it goes.

What do you refer to by “HALion installation process”?

Well, I’m not sure I understand the question but what I mean by “HALion installation process” is just that, The “installation” of the Instrument.
I’m reinstalling the “Absolute 4” collection, after a fresh Windows OS installation.

How are you measuring that?

I checked the disk “C:” proprieties for the disk occupancy before install “Halion 6 + HalionSonic”.
Before the install the disk occupancy was nearly 21Gb.

After install “Halion 6 + HalionSonic”, despite being installing on disk “D:”, the disk “C:” occupancy raised up to 21,880Gb (almost 22Gb).

I didn’t even installed all the other instruments in the “Absolute 4 collection” yet.
Despite installing the collection on disk “D:”, I bet that in the end the installation is going to occupy even more space of the “C:” disk as well.

Anyway…I wish the install app could only use the chosen disk “D:” instead of adding stuff also to the disk “C:”.

That doesn’t measure what you think. That includes temp files and other stuff that might not even be directly related to SB products.

Considering the size of all that content 800mb is nothing. But the size of the Halion executable and associated files is only 18 megabytes or so.


If you want to know where the content is installed use the Steinberg Library Manager.

After install the “Absolute 4 VST Collection” this is what I found:

The installer does not offer options to install the “instruments” to a different path, other than disk “C:\ProgramData\Steinberg”.

It offers the option to not install standalone versions of most of the instruments but not HALion, despite allowing to choose the standalone installation path.

After fully installed, despite installing the library on a different disk, the “Absolute 4 VST Collection” takes up to 1.48Gb on “C:\ProgramData\Steinberg” without option.

Steinberg, please do something about this and also about the instruments updates notifications. The “Steinberg Download/installer Assistant” app. really needs some extra love.