Absolute 4. Stuck license. Please help.

Hi community, and, I hope, Steinberg-guys.

I will be appreciate if someone can help me with a “stuck license”.
Here is the case… 3 months ago I’ve bought Absolute 4. Get license and activated it at on of my machines (let’s call it machine 1) just to not forget to activate it. eLicenser at machine 1 had already registered Cubase 10 AI and Alto Glockenspiel. After that I didn’t have much time for making music (for me it’s a lovely hobby, but life is hard… so…) and just forgot about that activation. Couple days ago I finally had time to set my another machine (let’s call it machine 2) as a primary workstation. In attempt to make possible usage of all products I have on machine 2 I tried to make Reactivation procedure at “mysteinberg”-page. Cubase 10 AI and Alto Glockenspiel were reactivated and I received new activation codes for them - but not for Absolute 4. And here is one additional curious thing - reactivated Cubase 10 AI and Alto Glockenspiel stayed available at machine 1 and at machine 2.

I’ve tried already everything I found on FAQ-pages:

  • installed eLicenser version is;
  • I’ve tried dozens of times to run Maintenance, reloading Windows;
  • eLicenser Rocover reports that there are no errors were detected for solving, but when I try to register Soft-eLicenser at mysteinberg-page I receive notification that “This eLicenser is deprecated”;
  • Windows 10 was updated recently - so all updates are actual;
  • in attempt to find a way to contact support I spent an hours but looks like I can be only redirected to “Steinberg distributors” who is supporting only MI (I don’t think that this case relates somehow to Media Interface, does it?).

I’m afraid that with Windows (or eLicenser Control Center) re-installation I’ll lost that Absolute 4 license. Of course I still have an invoice confirming my purchase, but looks like it’s pretty hard to find entry point to Steinberg-support. :slight_smile: Don’t want to risk.

Absolute 4 is declared like supported by Soft-eLicenser. So it’s not clear why this license have disappeared from mystainberg-page and how to get it back for making it being available to be moved to another machine (in my case machine 2).
Steinberg-support (or anybody who knows how to handle kind of case), kindly asking you for help.

Best regards,