Absolute 4 upgrade from various plugins deal

Over the years I bought most of the absolute plugins and expansion sets individually.
(Groove Agent 5, HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3, Padshop Pro 2, Retrologue 2, Prime Cuts, Neuro Mindset, Future Past Perfect, Colliding World, Metronomic Cinema, Granular Symphonies).

So I don’t have the following plugins and expansions packs.
The Grand 3, Rock essentials, Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk, Granular Guitars.

However, to upgrade from my collection to Absolute 4, I will have to pay a full blast of £300. :open_mouth:

So, Steinberg is considering just ONE of my plugins as an option to upgrade. Absolutely unfair to customers who already have more the one plugins and/or expansions packs.

Sort it out, Steinberg. Give us users a better deal to upgrade it. Otherwise, NI Komplete may be the ultimatum path. Sorry

Same here please Steinberg serve your loyal customers

Absolute 3 users pay the same price as Groove Agent 4 users, while absolute 4 adds Pad Shop pro 2. What’s next… non Absolute users have to pay €99,- for GA5 update €99,- for Halion 7 €45 for Padshop Pro and €45 Retrologue 3 updates?
Steinberg clearly giving loyal customers who bought the separate plugins the finger!

Just checked what I am missing

  • Triebwerk
  • Update from groove agent 4 to 5
  • The grand 3
  • Rock essentials (groove agent)
  • Granular Guitars
  • Hypnotic Dance

So that means that I own most of the content of absolute 4. I would say the more you have the less you have to pay. Something simular as Fabfilter is doing.

Exactly the way I see it.

UAD’s model, the more you already own, the more is $offset from the bundle-upgrade…

WAKE UP STEINBERG and respect your long term supporters !

Has anyone actually asked Steinberg?
I mean, keep assuming they are bad people and abusing them by all means but seriously, why not ask them directly?

I was under the impression that I was at the Steinberg forum and Steinberg employees could also chime in here.

Long time ago I did send them a mail about this during the time of Absolute 3 but. I also got a reaction back that they did not change a thing about the upgrade, update policy. I was hoping they will change their mind now more people have the same issue

Given your starting point was presumption and accusation, why would anyone from Steinberg respond? They are people too, doing an honest job and producing a great product.

I suggest pre-sales section or a support ticket, and a genuine question. This is a community forum not a formal steinberg sales channel so they don’t respond to everything in this section fo the forum.

Suggest what you think is a fair price, you never know they might just do a deal for you.

NI Komplete works the same way! There are a couple of individual items you can upgrade from but they don’t have upgrade paths from “incomplete” sets of multiple included products. Steinberg has Crossgrades from HALion, HALion Sonic, and Groove Agent. NI has crossgrades from Kontakt, the Orchestral set, one other thing, I think.

My comment is directed to the Steinberg company/brand and the sales strategy with these products discussed here. Please don’t twist my words as if I attack individuals or am complaining about the overall quality of products.

I already did. The silence is deafening.

So Steinberg the company has a “finger”?

I will leave you to your excuses and rudeness. I am not surprised you haven’t received a reply.

Next time I will add “the proverbial…” for you.

First you twist my words, than you childishly take a figure of speech literally instead of replying on the fact I don’t attack individuals, but attack a business decision regarding price structure across the same products sold in a different package. Finally you close with a personal attack saying I’m being rude and making up excuses. I sincerely wonder what you are trying to achieve with that behavior?

Maybe stay on topic and tell us why you think it’s good/bad that two types of users (single version users and Absolute users) using the same products pay a different price?