Absolute 4

Any news on the release of Absolute 4?

Yes, any news on this?

I wanto to upgrade to C10 but won’t until I can do the same with GA…and since I own Absolute3…


Purchase Absolute 3 now and update to Absolute 4 for free in January

Consisting of the top range of Steinberg’s acclaimed VST instruments, Absolute 3 offers over 6,800 presets and more than 70 GB of first-class sounds, VST technology and advanced sound design. Absolute is the perfect tool for music production, composing and live performance of all styles, combining exceptional quality and premium value at a fantastic price.


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January is half over id rather they didn’t say when it was coming if it was going to be late in the month

Soon-ish is good enough. I’m not in a hurry about that.

I hope Absolute 4 is not just Absolute 3 with GA5, that wouldn’t justify the wait, seeing that GA5 has been about for a while

Not in a hurry either but I just want to be able to upgrade to GA5 and C10…as an Absolute customer i’m feeling a bit on the let down here.

Absolute 4 is out now:


Absolute 4 is out now but I cannot see any difference from absolute 3 other than the updated Groove Agent 5?

Cost to upgrade from A3 to A4 - which basically means just an update of groove agent is £85

It’s got the bundled sound packs but yeah - mostly its GA5.

A cut down version of Iconica would have been nice. Or maybe the Ensemble version.

A cinematique instrument maybe.

yeah, that was a little lame …

Not so sure this should have been called Absolute 4, more Absolute 3.5,

Nothing there for me, I don’t use Groove Agent…

Just checked the Steinberg download assistant so I could compare the two versions of Absolute.

Result is:
Updates are mainly for the GA5 - 299mb + 31.14gb content (A3 has 7.46gb total)
Halion sonic 3 (I believe this was in Cubase anyway?) 801mb
Prime Cuts - 142mb
Granular Guitars - 2.33gb
Rock Essentials (GA5) 77.77mb

All other plugins/content are identical and the same download size, so no changes at all. No updates for any other plugins.

imho this should really be marketed as a GA5 update NOT an Absolute update. If you look at the cost of Groove Agent 4 I don’t believe the £85 upgrade cost for A4 is justified for existing Absolute users. Would have been better to upgrade the GA for a more reasonable cost.

If you want an accurate precise comparison, open download assistant and switch between A3 and A4

just my thoughts

Kinda of why should I?
Don’t much value in it to be honest.

Might wait for Absolute 5! :smiley:

Halion 7 by then hopefully.

I will wait and see if they do a sale some time in the future I was hoping there would be some new things besides ga5 but instead it feels like they were rushed to put it out

So, it looks like 4 is out and available now. I bought 3 a month ago anticipating the free upgrade to 4. I logged in to the shop to download 4 and I am being asked to pay a $99 upgrade fee. What gives?

I just spent way too long trying to work out what the difference between 3 and 4 is … and it’s basically just Groove Agent 5.

Quite disappointing but hopefully a big update is coming next time and having the V4 upgrade will be worth it then.

And that’s ALL it is… And guess what? Steinberg will probably come out with a new version of HALion within the next year or so and we’ll have to pay for that upgrade as well! I’m tired of them nickel & diming us to death.