Absolute 4

Sadly - its true - yes - the poorest of upgrades of ABSOLUTE Collection…
Many will have by now the expansions that have been added to the collection…anyway…

Padshop Pro 2 …??? really??? whats new???----nothing I can see…

Only GA5 has really been upgraded.

I really think Halion 6.5 or 7 …if it comes this year should be a free upgrade…OR …to be honest …anything added to the ABS4 should be free this year…
I actually dont think many will be upgrading to 4 …anyway…
If the sales will be poor …free upgrades will be rolling…so to get more sales…

I was hoping for some sort of drum…string…modeling module to join Halion instruments…
…ohh well…will have more time to spend with NI Reaktor 6 and have fun there…Komplete 12 ULT is Amazing…

I agree with your view and comments, very poor cost model for users.

On the flip, I kind of like how UAD $offsets the plugins you already own, against bundles purchased that already contain your plugins.

Steinberg really messed up with this. The LEAST they could do is give all of us who have owned and upgraded throughout the years to the newest versions, the next updates to HALion for free. This is just really a mind boggling experience.
Why would they think that just throwing in a few expansions that have been out for at least a couple years or longer and adding only GA5 to the Absolute collection justifies even the $100 price upgrade if you own Absolute 3??
It seems like they don’t care about the long time customers who have consistently upgraded every year when they put out something new. The first time I didn’t upgrade to the newest version of Cubase was ver. 10 and it looks like I might have to continue that if they just keep giving incremental updates to everything - VST’s included.

hi PinkSodaMusic,
where was the “Padshop Pro 2” reference ? I did not know there was a 2.x release ? Do you have a link for that?

Just putting a matrix together re new products introduced, and release dates for the Absolute line.

Thanks for that matrix sheet StefK.

I am an absolute3 owner and the 99 to upgrade doesn’t seem too bad since you get groove agent 5, rock essentials, and beat butcha are up my alley. I’m an Mpc and battery guy and having a full screen groove agent 5 is good for my bad eyes. If you spend all day chopping records and playing drums in groove agent then this is a good deal. For everyone else it might not be the case.

I also use groove agent 5 in ableton and it’s great to write random loops in there too.

Thanks mate that did the trick!


It is a decent deal if you want and or need the new items. If you don’t really want or need them or if you just want stuff without paying for it, like so many these days, then it isn’t a good deal.
Remember, consumers are greedy too. They want stuff for free or often want to pay less than a fair price. Wanting to keep more of your money and get a good or great deal (rather than a fair deal) is just as greedy as the vendor wanting to get paid more for the same item.

Stop calling them greedy or abusive. It is just wrong. It is the price they have set for now. It you think it is too high, then wait for a sale. If too many think it is too high and don’t buy, then they will eventually lower the price. That is the way it works.

Yee…it’s funny…its here :



…if I saw Halion 7 i’d be rib-tickling…


I think this is a fair comment and is right.

Still disappointed with essentially just an upgrade to GA5 though.

For what it is worth… I actually also agree that the upgrade is too little for too much (for my needs). I don’t really use Groove Agent very much. I was hoping for some of the GA Style expansions to be included (more than just Rock Essentials). I did go ahead and buy the Modern Jazz Essentials after the Absolute 4 was announced and might still by the Jazz and Fusion Styles. But, at any rate, I don’t think I will upgrade to Absolute 4 now. Maybe if it goes on sale or something. But, I do understand the disappointment here.

Hmm, yeah, the funny side :laughing: of false advertising …
great to see SB have a sense of humor after all

Its Padshop 1.2.10 and Retrologue 2.2.10: https://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/maintenance-update-for-padshop-pro-and-retrologue-2-4973.html

Includes ‘The Grand 3’ update plus three instrument packs" ‘Prime Cuts’ (AUD$59), ‘Granular Guitars’ (AUD $59) and ‘Rock Essentials’ (AUD$37) and GA5 update from GA4 (AUD$149). AB4 cost me AUD$149. But, yes, still a little lame overall. Can only assume we’ should see a few new free updates to other instruments incl. HALion in the coming months if there is an AB4 licence installed. Also in this update it would seem that the Library Manager is updated and seems to be a little smarter as to where samlple libaries are installed, or need to be moved, or duplicates to be cleaned up.

Upgraded A3 to A4, ThumbUp Steinberg Team. You Rock!

Why Absolute Collection does not have summer discount?
Best regards, Victor.

Thanks for that.
I just got in on Absolute with vers.3, so wasn’t up on the progression, but have been using Cubase for a long time.
I like to support Steinberg because of Cubase, and because Halion has become my favorite soft synth/sampler.
The stuff included in Abs4 is not stuff I would likely use, so I’m going to pass on this one, and see what
direction it takes next.

ABS 4 upgrade from 3 is up at 85GBP today, (black Friday) how much was it before?..anyone know please? TA! :slight_smile:

Oh and does everything have to be downloaded again…it appears so in the download manager… :confused:

my price was $50 for the upgrade after applying the code so $99 should be the original upgrade price

if you installed everything absolute 3 you wont need to install things like halion content and the grand content because they didn’t change you can see the file sizes are exact the same in both absolute 3 and 4 collection you would only need to install the new things included

Thank you. :slight_smile: