Absolute 5 (Upgrade from several VST Instruments)

Hi, guys!
I have individually purchased the following products:
Halion 6, TG3, HSO, Tribewerk, Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, Padshop 2, Retrologue 2 and Zero Gravity.
However, I would like to upgrade to Absolute 5.
I find it difficult to pay the price of an full upgrade from Halion 6 to Absolute 5 when I have several individual products. Any chance of getting a better discount?
Any help will be great!!!

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You have to upgrade off of HALion 6. There is no solution for people, like you, who own several disparate bundled products.

The best solution is to just pick up Groove Agent 5 and Backbone when they’re on sale for 40-50% off.

That’s the only reason I can see you wanting to upgrade, because the Sample Library and Expansion Content can’t be it :wink: