Absolute 5..why dont they offer cheaper upgrades for more products you own

id like to buy absolute 5 but for me i own alot of the steinberg products (halion 6/groove agent 5/hypnotc dance/triebwerk/dark planet/padshop 2…and a few expansions)but the cheapest only takes halion 6 into consideration.

is there any way steinberg can offer upgrade deals and charge consideridering how many products you already own…im not the only one i have friends who are in the same position and im sure theres many on here who would upgrade if the prices took into account how many of the products you already owned.

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I’ve already bough Backbone so essentially it’s really not worth it for me at all unless they do as you suggest and make it cheaper the more products you already own.

im glad im not the only one …come on steinberg do it…i have arturia products and when they do an upgrade offer they always discount on what you already have so i get a unique doscount.

Sometime next year I imagine the upgrade will be half price so I’ll upgrade from absolute 4 then.