Absolute 6/Halion 7 Grace period updates

Hi there!

I just got myself an Absolute 5 licence, which I activated a couple of days ago, so it´s inside the grace period for Absolute 6. I registered the licence in my eLicenser and updated the elicenser database in my account to let Steinberg know of this new licence, both on April 16th,

The thing is, on one site of the Steinberg homepage it states, it would take 30 minutes to get a Voucher for Absolute 6. So far nothing, as 3 days have already passed.

Does anyone know, how long this procedure takes? For the moment I am using the Halion 7 Demo license, but this license won´t last forever…

PS: Same situation for a buddy of mine with a Halion 6 licence, which qualifies for Halion 7 grace period.

Thanks a lot in advance.


I would re-register the eLicenser and then run Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center. If that does not trigger the issue of the voucher on My Steinberg, you will probably need to work with Steinberg Support.