Absolute 6 installing issue

I have updated from Absolute 5 to Absolute 6.
The “Read me” file says:
In the Steinberg Download Assistant, select Updates > VST Sounds
Select Install All on the top right side. The update is downloaded and installed automatically.
Go to Absolute G VST Collection…. Install…. HALion 7.0.0., FM LAB and Tales

I have installed HALion 7.0.0., FM LAB and Tales, but the “Updates” tab does not appear in Download Assistant, so I have to install manually.

Does anyone know what I should install? I don’t want to install what I have in Absolute 5 twice.

If no updates are showing in Steinberg Download Assistant, they may have been installed in the past. The updates are not specific to HALion 7 / Absolute 6 - they will work with HALion 6 / Absolute 5. However, if they are missing, the content supplied with HALion 6 will not work in HALion 7.

I would try your installation. If content like Eagle works OK, you’re good to go. If not, install the HALion 7 content bundle (but not the separately shipped FM Lab and Tales - it sounds like you’ve already got those installed) over the top of your existing installation.