Absolute 6 licence issue?

When I open Cubase 12 I receive announcement “Your Absolute 6 licence will expire in 4 days…”
In eLicencer version I have Absolute 4 (USB) licence. In April 2022 I bought
Absolute 5 Update from Absolute 4 and in February 2023 I bought Absolute 6 UD 1 / Download Version. What should I do Absolute 6 stop working in 4 days?

Absolute 6 is not activated via the eLicenser anymore.

You need to Start the Activation Manager, Login to your mySteinberg account and then press the Activate Button.

As Absolute 4 is still on your eLicenser, this means that you never activated your Absolute 5 update, so you should enter that Download Access Code into Steinberg Download Assistant. That will likely update your Absolute 4 to Absolute 6 directly. If you have a full licence for Absolute 6 at this point then you can then return the Absolute 6 UD 1 upgrade.

Thank you for the answers. I believe it’s ok now.

When I open Cubase, I still keep getting these “Your licence will expire soon (in two days)” messages, though I added both activation codes (from 4to5 and 5to6) and in eLicencer I have Absolute 5 (Upgraded to Absolute 6 with Steinberg Licensing) -license. It makes me wonder, if everything is not ok yet.

For Absolute 6 you need to Start the Activation Manager and activate the License there. Absolute 6 is not using the eLicenser anymore.

What is Activation Manager? I added these two activation codes in Steinberg Download Assistant (Enter you download access code). My Product downloads I have now both Absolute 5 VST Collection (this wasn’t here before) and Absolute 6 VST Collection.

In this process eLicencer information was also updated: "Absolute 5 (Upgraded to Absolute 6 with Steinberg Licensing) -license. "

I would assume that licence information is ok now, BUT when I open Cubase 12 Pro I receive message “Your Absolute 6 Licence will expire tomorrow”. I’m really worried now and I would have something else to do than try to solve this. Help?

I signed out from the Steinberg Download Assistant and signed in again. When I opened empty project I didn’t receive any “Your Absolute 6 Licence is expire message”. Perhaps because empty project doesn’t have Absolute 6 tracks? But when I open old project, which uses Halion 7 (included in Absolute 6) I receive this message.

The Activation Manager is an application that has been installed on your computer, together with the Download Assistant. It is the tool to activate licenses that are released since beginning of last year.

Start the Activation Manager, login with your mySteinberg account and then press Activate next to the product you have bought. If you are using Cubase 12 you must have used this tool already, because Cubase 12 is also activated this way.

Absolute 6 is now one of the products using this, you can find everything you need to know here

Done. Problem solved. Thank you very much!