Absolute beginner

Hey everyone,

Sorry to bother you with these noob-questions but I just can’t seem to get started. The video tutorials are helpfull sure, but some things do go a bit fast for me.
I have Cubase Elements 8 and am using the Steinberg UR 22 mk2 interface. Now, i just wanna record some vocals, acoustic and electric guitar.

So i’ve plugged my mic in input 1 and in the VST connections menu i’ve made a mono input bus with device port UR22 mk2 input 1. Now what do i do with output? I’m using headphones wich i have plugged in the interface, in the front. Does this have anything to do with output? Cause i have absolutely no clue!

Also, in the video tutorial when demonstrating the mixing console i see both the input and audio channel “moving” when the guy is speaking. With me it’s just the input channel.

Symptoms in general: my mic is working, i can hear it through my headphones. I do have to turn the gain and volume almost all the way open so what’s up with that? When i record i can see the track generate minor audiowaves (or whatever you call it) but when i play it back i don’t hear anything.

Again sorry for these stupid noob questions, i just hope someone can help me get started and then i’ll be out of your hair :wink:.