Absolute Collection Upgrade?

Are we going to get a new version of the Absolute collection with backbone included? If so what does the timeline look like on that?

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I’m also interested in.

Steinberg? any thing on this?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! <<<- Happy flag waving mob …

This would definitely be a welcomed addition, along with some of the recent Halion expansions. While I love Backbone, I’m hoping for Absolute 5 to sweeten the value before I bite on a purchase.

Did that happen in the end? Just about to buy cubase and gonna get the crossgrade deal. However, i alsxo want ot get spectralayers and backbone. Would it be best for me to get the absolute collection?
Backbone is mindblowingly awesome. Love it even more than i thought i would.

Absolute is still on version 4 without Backbone from what I see.

This is the main reason I have not purchased Backbone. I fear they will add it to Absolute 5 and then I will have wasted that money to pay for the same plugin twice. I really wish Steinberg would make some comment about their plans for this one way or the other. If they can confirm it will not be added to Absolute, then I’ll go ahead and buy it.

Absolute 4 is offered for the purchase. There is no Absolute 5. So interesting for updates too.