Absolute Crossgrade from Cubase?

I’m wondering if owning Cubase qualifies for the crossgrade price with Absolute 5.

It states that ownership of Retrologue / Padshop qualifies you but no mention of Cubase and I just want to confirm before purchasing.


No. You have a Cubase license, the crossgrade is for people who purchased Retrologue 2 or Padshop 2 separately.

Seems bizarre given that a Cubase license comes with both Retrologue and Padshop, yet you’re still asked to pay full price for Absolute despite already owning some of the products included.

Unfortunate business policy.

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Ugh, agree, really annoying and confusing. Steinberg please fix your upgrade paths and procedure, take example from other companies. Picking out upgrades a la carte as it is currently, is very frustrating to say the least.

If someone buys a license that includes multiple products (Cubase, Padshop 2, etc), it’s with the intention of “owning” those products. Why would someone buy Padshop 2 again if they already bought it as part of a “bundle”?

I think the upgrade path is deceitful (confusing at minimum) in current form.