Absolute Crossgrade from Halion AND Groove Agent?

I own both Halion 6 and GA5.
Is there any upgrade/crossgrade offer available to get Absolute collection for a good price?
If I take the crossgrade offer for Halion 6, this would in fact mean I pay again for GA5 license (and vice versa).

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i also wonder if there is some kind of crossgrade offer for Absolute if a person got more then one product which included in Absolute.
say i have H6, GA5, Backbone ,HSO etc… shouldn’t Steinberg consider to offer discounts taking into account the product i already have ?
anyway to your question , I think right now if you take the crossgrade from H6 to Absolute you will end up with 2 GA5,one with Ab license and one individual license which you can sell if you want. (but its only my assumption)

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It is a bit messy imo,

There are many plugin developers out there who have accumulative deals for the bundles - Cable Guys, Eventide, etc. Even when on sale they do this

Not sure why this can’t happen for Absolute.

There should also be a grace period for products within Absolute, ie, if you buy Absolute now and Halion 7 is released next month, you should get Halion 7 upgrade.

It’s just too messy and constrained for the end-user. It makes Absolute a bit of a turn off. As it is, the user has to go to the trouble of trying to sell the second license to get some money back. It doesn’t make sense.

I created a thread here

Can we talk about how annoying Absolute is? - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums

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