Absolute II VST for already customers?!


I saw this new and absolutely great offer for the Absolute II VST collection for 499€!!

Unfortunately I’m an already fan and customer of Steinberg software and have purchased separately
Halion 5, Dark Planet, Padshop Pro + zero grav. extension ( 434€ investment, not to mention the neo soul keys and Cubase pro) and would love to have the HSO, Groove Agent, The Grand, Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance too!!!

I made a quick calculation and the Absolute collection does offer a 50% reduction on total price of all 10 programs.
Honestly it would be more than great if Steinberg recognises and favourites his regular customers, like me, with an appropriate upgrade offer towards Absolute II, and also be able to benefit from Steinberg’s generosity. Please show me that you do care for your regular customers & fans too :wink:

LuLu M

I would appreciate it too.

I do own Cubase Pro 8 (since version 4).
I already bought Halion Sonic 2, Groove Agent 4, Padshop Pro. I looking forward to get The Absolute VST Instrument Collection 2 but I will not paid full price.
I would appreciate if Steinberg come up with some discount for long term user who already own some products.

I am up for a deal. Bring up Steinberg.

Thank you


Its the same with me. I have purchased Absolute 1 recently plus Groove Agent 4 and Cubase Pro8
I would like o upgrade to Halion 5 and get the Grand but I´m loosing money with this offer.

I don’t know if it’s suitable for all individual situations, but have you guys/girls seen this announcement by Matthias Quellmann?

Looks good! Nice from Steinberg to listen to the feedback and to offer more upgrade possibilities :slight_smile: