Absolute Size for a Custom Symbol

I engraved a piano student book with exercise pages that use a two different staff sizes—one normal and the other at 125% when the student has to write on the staff in addition to writing answers on a blank line. I created the answer lines as a playing technique so they would all position the same. This approach works great, except their size is staff relative, and they look thicker on the larger staffs.

Is there a way to make these custom playing technique symbols absolute for any staff size?


I don’t think there is a way of doing that automatically. However, you should be able to select a Playing Technique and use Custom scale in Properties > Common to resize it.
In your situation: select the passage in question, Edit > Filter > Playing Techniques, open Properties, set Custom scale to 80% (125% = 5/4, so 4/5 = 80%).

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Yeah, I was hijacked by @StevenJones01

If it was a text item then I think you could set the font to use an Absolute size.

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Okay. Just checking. Thanks for the custom scale conversion. If I can’t find a font with a good line length, I will take that route.

Thank you both!

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I’ve done this before. Much easier to type these in as lyrics and underscores. If the underscores don’t quite touch, you can change the character spacing in Paragraph Styles.

I tried this when I first put the book together, and I don’t remember why I switched to creating a line glyph—probably consistency. I’ll check it out again. Thanks!

StevenJones01, your approach will work best for me at this point. Thank you guys!