absolute-sized playing technique text disappearing

I’ve noticed since upgrading to version 3.0.10 that when I edit the font style for playing techniques, if I choose “Absolute” instead of “Staff-relative”, the playing technique text (arco, pizz, etc.) completely disappears, regardless of numeric size value. Changing it back to staff-relative restores it. Any ideas?

What font are you using? Does this behavior hold for all text-based PT? Have you edited the PT in question?

I’m using the default font family and style (Academico, Regular), and yes, every text-based playing technique I added seems to be affected by this issue – everything works perfectly until I choose the “Absolute” option. Scores that looked perfect in Dorico 2 are missing all absolute-sized textual playing techniques when opened in 3… that’s how I first discovered this issue.

I initially thought this might just be settings from a specific file (or a side effect involving the conversion from 2 to 3), but I made a brand new document in 3.0.10 (macOS Mojave 10.14) before posting and was able to replicate the behaviour right away. I haven’t changed any attributes on the playing technique items themselves, and just to be thorough, I also reset my layout, notation, and engraving presets to the factory settings before attempting.

Stop the presses. It does that for me, too. Odd…

Sounds like a bug. Feliz navidad.

Thanks for confirming it isn’t just an issue for me – much appreciated!

Thanks for reporting this. It appears there’s a deliberate restriction that has been introduced to require that the playing technique font style be staff-relative rather than absolute sized, presumably in relation to the new continuation lines features added in Dorico 3.0. We’ll look into this in the New Year.