Absolute Upgrade Options

Sorry but this is a moan/observation for Steinberg regarding their upgrade options.
I have several parts of the Absolute package that I have purchased separately. However the upgrade options only allow you to upgrade considering you have only one of the major items in the Absolute pack. This I find is completely unfair and is one of the main reasons I will no longer use Steinberg VST’s. Steinberg support should be able to see that you have 60 or 70% of the instruments and offer additional discount. Once on the Absolute pack its practically guaranteed yearly income as people will mostly upgrade to the latest offering, specially when it goes to 40%.
As it is the upgrade is simply not worth it. The Native Instruments upgrade are so much better value. Every year without fail I will update my Komplete Ultimate package when it goes on offer (its on offer now). I know I could sell all but one of the Cubase products and use that cash to pay for the Absolute upgrade but its massive hassle.

rant over, I still love Cubase and will always update every year but Steinberg could be making more as I bet there are quite a few in the same situation.