Absolute VST Collection Plus DOWNLOAD????


I’ve bought Absolute VST Collection Plus,Sounds Of Soul for Retrologue and Vintage Classics for Retrologue.
Everything worked fine.
I backuped my Setups on my drive which has crashed lately and lost everything.
Now i’m trying to download from my account on Steinberg and i can’t find this programs and sounds nowhere,no links,
nothing at all.

Does anyone know how am i gonna get this softwares back???


I would suggest submitting a support request through your MySteinberg so your local support can provide you with a download.

I had an SSD crash last week. I recently requested some support on these links, however, I was able to install all components from the VST+ collection manually from the support download page. It’s a bit tedious if you purchased a bundle, but I did get all most recent versions.


Hope this helps.