absolute vst instrument collection issues OSX

Dear Friends

I have big problems with the product : absolute vst instrument collection from steinberg.

I’m using mac v.10.8.2 mountain lion.

I tried to install the dvds and all went well.

I tried open up the vsti in cubase and also the au in logic and there seems to be a big problem.

The synth plugins (none of them works) can’t find the preset that should be in the list nor can they find any libraries. I get an error saying
That I need to install the sound libraries properly.

Can anyone help me out? Am I missing something here? Am I doing something wrong?

No mather how I do I can’t seem to make it work.

Has anyone had any luck in this?

What i can understand is that some of the synths doesn’t even have the presets in their preset list, and also not one of them can load their “banks/libraries”. I tried to delete all files and re-install but it didn’t help.

So please Steinberg, help me with this awesome product!

I would appreciate it alot if anyone could reach out a hand.