Absolute VST Instrument Collection +

Hi guys , I bought the complete version of 10 on the half price deal, I have upgraded my studio and have been running 7.5 since 2013 . I did buy a deal on the Absolute VST Instrument Collection + at the same time as the 7 version and Im sure it was a download , it is registered to my account but can find no download links to it on the Steinberg site ? The 7 to 7.5 original software was bought from a dealer on an educational licence due to my son being at Music college at the time . My question is , I have bought a fresh install of cubase 10 and I want to combine the Absolute VST Instrument Collection + , how can I achieve this ? I have a dongle E.licenser with licences for 7.5 and Absolute VST Instrument Collection + the new install comes with a new dongle so I presume if I can get the download links from Steinberg for the collection I will have to transfer the licence for it onto the new dongle ? I have raised a few tickets with support but feel I have more chance of a conversation with an extra-terrestrial than anyone from Berlin !