Absolutely abysmal customer support

So I submitted this rant and it was deleted by Steinberg. I’ve now copied it and will post it every day.

I have a Steinberg UR242. Overnight it stopped providing audio. I managed this but then it stopped giving MIDI.

I run a completely safe system where wifi is off and there is no access to upgrades to either the Mac OS or the Cubase upgrades. Put simply, there was no reason for a software problem. It simply had to be a hardware issue.

Fast forward to my interaction with Steinberg’s customer support and after lengthy discussions, it transpires that my version of Cubase doesn’t support the UR242 even that it always did.

So I buy a new Mac, install v,12 and guess what, it still doesn’t work.

Cleary a hardware issue. Steinberg’s response has been awful. That have suggested my current system doesn’t support this system.

I’v provided copious screenshots but have had the same response that they don’t support it

Btw I won’t respond to the idiots who love to spam…

A system spec would help here

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