Absolutely hate N5.5 overlapping event look

I hate too. I prefer much better 5.1 overlap view.

Hello Bredo,

around 1000 registered Nuendo Forum members at the moment, but the forum is still growing.



Yeah Chris,

you’re so right. I also wonder why only a very small fraction of the old members is lurking around here. It might have something to do with the P.I.T.A registration/login process, or with the dominance of another software, or they are just all too busy earning money.

I hope the latter.

Honestly I guess: Now (N5.5 vs C6) that Nu and Cu are almost indistinguishable from each other, you’d better just close “our” forum.

PS: And no, to stay on topic, this Cubase style of overlapping events hurts my eyes, too.


I do not like it as well.

I don’t like it either. I think many of us have just giving up…


I hate it so much. It makes working in Nuendo 5.5 to a pain in the butt… Beside some other issues.

I never get it which event is overlapping or underlapping - I have to click on it to see that.

Who the F+ck did such a crappy GUI… I really really really can’t get it.

Beside that overlapping thing there are quite a lot other big things which made N5.5 a pain to use… Some things needs to be changed back ASAP.

Well, of course the overall thing is looking cool. I like the mixer and stuff. Transport bar is somewhat dark, difficult to see the contours on an old screen. But beside the “overall GUI” thing the EVENT GUI is completely f*cked up. Seriously. Sorry that I have to say that.

What I keep noticing and keep forget to mention is that if you overlap two events… then move them apart, they have a fade in and fade out from part of the overlap…prior to 5.5 that wasn’t there.


Well, after some heavy use of N5.5 I am somewhat used to the color scheme “itself”. I like the new automation features, I even do not care too much about those gray waveforms and the way the events are looking.

But this overlapping-crosshatching is completely stupid. It just makes life hard. It looks cheap and you can’t tell what is going on there, it just looks irritating and crappy when a couple of events are stacked on each other.

And btw - that “event comes to front when moved with the mouse” issue makes editing a PITA! Lanes are impossible to use because of a f+cked up comping all the time when editing inactive events which are active after that… Not to talk about the fact that it is more than nasty that alt+click splits always all the events… silly!!

That needs to be fixed asap!

Personally, I prefer this new look


I don’t feel like “I DO HATE IT INDEED” but it would be better to make step back to 5.1 or think something up more convenient.

I was very used to the 4.3 containers behaviour.

It’s not only overlapping stripes which are an issue. Inside containers, the way underneath lanes are greyed is also very disturbing. It’s so greyed that you cannot see what’s hapening. You have to click on the event, etc…

The difference with muted events is also not sufficiently obvious.

There is more: if you check “Process muted events as deleted” inside Preferences, things are getting very confusing.

Usually when there are such ergonomic novelties, Steinberg always offer those as optional.

I can understand the “editing philosophy” behind this new look but I as am used for so many years with previous way,I can’t waste time to modify my workflow.

Please, set it back as an option inside 5.5.2 Hotfix.

Can this be fixed ASAP !


At least it would be great to know if this will be fixed. I realy hope so - otherwise I will stop using Nuendo.

Cubase 5.5 over here. Maybe I will look into N5.1 - but basically for that what I am doing here this will make not a big difference… Would really love to use N5.5 features though.

Yes, exactly. In C6 the event look is even worse.

I can live with N5.5 if they change it back to N5 - if not N4 - but N5 is … ok… in fact - after some time it is ok. C6 is completely bullshit, here is the showstopper the way how selected events are looking - in addition to the other things.

I really don’t know if the designers are actually using Nuendo in a serious way and/or if they give a rats ass about what the beta-testers saying.

I thought it was some problem with my settings that I hadn’t addressed.

I also very much dislike the overlapping goopy look as well.