Absynth 5 under Cubase 6.5 - Silence


I have just installed Komplete 8 and when trying to use Absynth 5 I get the message about the mixer expecting it to be in stereo but it is set to 5.1 and that Absynth will be silent… I have found on other forums that I need to use the stereo.dll version of Absynth. The stereo version is in the VST folder with all the other versions of Absynth but I cannot select it as I only have one option when adding a VST Instrument track - Absynth 5.

All I want to do is use the plug in under Cubase. Can anyone please help me?

Thanks In advance

Make sure you are not confusing the FX .dll files and the VST instrumet .dll files. Are you moving the .dll files to the VST folder or are you “pointing” Cubase to the files in the Plug-in Information display? If the former, make sure you get all the .dll files where Cubase can see them.

Hi Thanks for the reply. I have now refreshed the list of Vst instruments and Absynth Stereo has appeared.

Thanks again.


Try to change the audio preferences into the absynth