AC 3

Which is the best way to get a AC 3 from a Surround Mix ?

Using an AC3 encoder?

Bye/ Tumppi

Exactly, which one people recommend. I used to have the one with DVD Studio Pro, but it does not run under Intel Mac>

Check the Dolby website for certified encoders. Those and only those will do the job.


It used to be Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder…
Till it was dropped and we were send to other companies to buy worse products…

Even after all that time…
I am majorly pessed off about this move.
Enough Nuendo DDE owners have declared that they are willing to pay for further updates and license fees.
AND ??..Nothing… Zip…Nada… The surround workers kicked in the Oarsch.

Thank you very mucho…


what version of dvd sp? we have final cut studio 2 here and compressor works fine creating an ac3 file on our mac pros.

I have DVD Studio Pro 4

there’s definitely a release of dvd sp 4 that will run on intel macs. have you run software update to see if you’re using the latest version (4.2.1 i think).

If for whatever reason you need to “start from scratch” the cheapest Mac option is to actually buy a copy of Logic Studio - it includes Compressor and can encode AC3 files in that.

Ok Thanks

Compressor is also the tool that I used with DVD Pro.

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There is a Unicode version of the DDE & the DTS encoders for N4/5 now.
So even though it is not “officially” supported it still works just fine for me.
FWIW, I think dropping these encoders was a daft move too. Nuendo should be adding codecs - not losing them.

Hello Neil…

Thanks for the hint. Is it in the SB archive?

I know of a version for N5 32 bit Win7 ( was it without the .1 channel?? ).
But I am ( we are ) not running a sparetime bedroom home studio. We need fully working tools at the edge of technology like 64 bit…
All in all I must say that the peripheral softwares of SB are too short-lived. I will not get any of those, anymore.

Meanwhile I have bought the Reflekt surround verb (12 channels) from Virsyn.
Not bad at all and 64bit/VST3, as well.
I am just not sure if it can compete with Wizoo W5. Still one of the best.
Thanks M-Audio & Digidesign…Avid for dropping it.

Seen TC’s 50% action? Rediculous… Plugs are for PoCo and PoCo is history…

I can’t switch to Windows 7, because I don’t get a driver for my 1500€ Audiointerface (ESI). My Powercore, I did trow it in the garbage can. My two UAD-1 still work, but not list on UAD site any more (without any info from UAD) and new PlugIns for UAD-2 only. Wizzoverb … see above.

Since WLab7 have a “Bypass original function”, I did my work with good Freeware or Plugins with best value for money (e.g. Plugins from Meldaproduction and Antress are really nice).

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Thanks Max