AC7 Core

Hi, I’ve just loaded AC7 Core for my Ipad as a control surface for Cubase 6 on windows Vista. Does anyone else use this? I am have trouble setting up and could do with a stear if anyone can help.



Any takers on this? I thought there were a load of AC7 users out there? I’ve sent 3 emails to the support email address and have not had a single reply. I think I wasted me money here.

I’ve seen people use several Ipad apps for controlling Cubase, but I’ve not seen AC7 mentioned before :frowning:

Are you talking about this:

In that case, why not to contact the software provider? It’s hardly a Cubase issue.

I realise it isn’t a Cubase issue and I have contacted the provider. Unfortunately they don’t seem to want to respond! I thought I would ask here in case there are any Cubase users - using the AC7 who could help?

just use the ac7 core mini for iphone sometimes
what do you want to know ?

Hi HS 87, thanks for the post. After 3 1/2 weeks I finally got a reposnce from the AC7 developer and they sorted me out. I’ve not got the AC7 working fine. Thanks for trying to help though.