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Is there somebody out there who can help me with a question I have ? I want to import an accapella into my project. But what is the best way to get it synced with the project tempo ?? A lot of studio musicians advice me to buy Ableton Live, because this DAW is the best for accapella’s ?? I don’t have any experience with Ableton, but to me it seems that a DAW like cubase 6 also has the possibility to do it ?? Are there any manual instruktions of video files who show this ! Please help me, I don’t know what to do …

Thanks, John :confused:

Do you have length in bars, or BPM info for the file? That will make it a lot easier.

If you do, and the file is trimmed properly, you can import it, go into the audio pool, set the length and bpm, check musical mode, and you’re golden.

There are other ways to get there, just not nearly as easy. Automatic tempo detection won’t work on a vocal track for instance though.

What exactly is an accapella , n waht is it used 4??
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awfully fast thank sir s

Vicfrance explained very well steps to take in this thred…have a accapella did have sight traces of quiet beats in it so it helped…

Hi Andyath,

I read a part of the information vicfrance send you. I will try to follow his tips and hope it will work ? Have a question to you, can you import any MP3 or WAV accapella you want and is it mactching any tempo that you set in your project ? I mean you made a drum project at 125 BPM and you import a accapella song. Can you match any acapella song you want in your project and make it synced perfectly with the information that vicfrance sended you ??

Thanks for the reply and also thanks to fizbin ! :sunglasses:

There is always a way to stretch your wav to fit the tempo of the song, so yes, you can always make it match. The ease with which you can do it depends on some things.

  1. The wav (a capella in this case) that you’re importing should start at the beginning of the measure or maybe on a beat. Measure is easiest.
  2. You should know the length in measures and BPM of the wav you are importing.

This makes it super-simple.

If you don’t have all of the above, you can still make it work, but it’s going to take some work to get it to match up.

See Vic_france’s post.

Get the a capellas beginning almost in sync to a beat with snap off, then edit keypoints and get words on snare locked, i smtimes use click to help me little bit. Its the hardway but you get to know the a capella for inside out doing that and also you can make some fxs with this method while your editing the whole a capella …just few cents

i had the accapella compleatly in sync with the project…also when i had the accapella in time with the project if i changed the tempo the accapella changed no problem.this is becasue musical mode was on in the audio pool.

your welcome to a copy of the project with just the accapella all in sync if you want so you can see and have a mess about with it.

i cant rember what way i got it in time…it was one of vics turned out to be all in one tempo and didnt change in speed at all.

wont be much help but let me know if you want it.


Hi Andyath,

Thanks for the reply. I want to accept your offer for the copy. It will help me. I checed the vicfrance items, but it isn’t eazy at all ? But one day…

Thanks for your support, and hope to receive the copy :sunglasses: