Accelerando/Ritardando in Metronom?

Hello Friends
I rarely work with this Metronom other than with the standart settings.
But lately I came across a recording where Accelerandos and Ritardandos with the click would have been helpful.
My Question, can Nuendo’s Metronom be adjusted to perform smooth Accelerandos/Ritardandos?
Classic guys do this all the time… So, would be good to know, if this is possible in an easy way…

Servus, Big K

You can do this with the Tempo Track. By entering Tempo Points and using ‘Ramp’ mode the tempo will accelerate or decelerate smoothly between points. Note: Tempo Points Type (Ramp or Jump) can be set separately for each Tempo Point. For example, one section could have a gradual Accelerando and then there could be sudden jump back to the original tempo.

By carefully placing the start and end tempo points you should be able to get it to do what you want.

The click will follow all changes.

It’s a bit like volume automation, but for tempo. Using the Draw tool to drag vertically and horizontally Tempo Points can entered just like volume automation.

It works for me, hope it works for you too.

Thanks Chris
I know tempo track, but did not play with it much, yet… Mistake…
If Metronom can’t do the trick, I suppose, this feature will.
I werf’ mi amoi drauf.

Servus, Big K

Leiwand Oida!