Accent and Tenuto placement

I experience a strange behaviour when changing the placement of Accents+Tenuto from notehead to stem side. Only the tenuto mark moves. It is not always like that - there are places in the same score where both marks move as expected.
I can move them manually in Engrave mode, but I would assume, that the expected function would be to move both marks.

Video showing the problem:

I just recognized that Accent and Tenuto marks are handled differently in initial setting in Engrave settings:
Tenuto marks are placed either at notehead side or stem side and are handled in the articulations settings for the note.
Accents marks are placed either above or below the staff and are set in the Engrave settings.

I guess there is a reason why those two articulations marks are handled differently when it comes to settings?
But I still find it unlogical that an accent alone can change from notehead to stem side, but not when it is combined with a tenuto.

Video showing what I find unlogical:

I just tried this in Write mode as well as Engrave mode. The tenuto mark (articulation of duration) can be placed on either the notehead or stem side; and so can the accent (articulation of force). Since they are considered two different kinds of articulations, it’s probably best to switch both of them to the desired position. This can be done either in Write or Engrave mode.

I’m not sure why they both move together sometimes; I would switch them both to be safe.