Accent Location

Very new user (just installed)… did a search of google and these forums w/ no joy… I suspect I just don’t know the right terms yet for this software.

Here’s my question…
How do I move the accents to show up above the note?

Welcome to the forum, DoYouLikeHam. You can select those articulations in Engrave mode and hit F to flip them to the other side of the note; alternatively you can select the note itself and then set the ‘Placement’ property in the ‘Articulations of force’ sub-group in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window (show it with Ctrl+8 on Windows or Command-8 on Mac).

Depending on the requirements of the other instruments in your ensemble, you might instead find it helpful to specify the default placement of accents on the Articulations page of Engrave > Engraving Options (shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E on Windows or Shift-Command-E on Mac, from any mode).

Thanks, Daniel – I think with the SE edition (free), the only option you mention that is valid is the use of the properties palette… e.g., I think only the Pro version has the engrave options / mode you mention… not SE or Elements, correct?

That’s correct. Basically, you have the ability to set lots of individual properties, but no global changes (a la Engraving Options).