Accent not making note louder in playback

I’m using a kontakt marimba library (mallet flux), and for some reason the accent mark doesn’t make the instrument play back louder. I’m guessing the accent triggers some sort of midi cc that mallet flux isn’t responding to? Is there a way to make it so the accent will increase the MIDI velocity?

Make sure you are using an expression map that responds to what your library is set to (velocity, CC1, CC11, whatever the manual says).

That figures since just enough time has passed for me to have forgotten how to deal with expression maps.

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Accents do increase the dynamic level, and if the expression map you’re using is set to use velocity for dynamics, you will get a corresponding increase in velocity for those notes.


It doesn’t seem to be doing it nearly enough even though velocity seems to change the volume when playing through the keyboard and when I manually change velocity in the editor. Is there a way to greatly increase the effect? It’s definitely something just with this library because it’s not normally an issue.

Yes, you can adjust this either globally on the Dynamics page of Playback Options or, if you only want to apply the change to specific instruments, by adding a playback option override in the expression map.

I don’t want to affect all dynamics-I only want the accent to be louder. Playback is good, and so I’m not trying to mess with how pp-ff is handled, etc. Maybe I’m missing something in your response.

You are indeed. Have a look at the options on the Dynamics page of Playback Options and you’ll find options for each articulation.

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Thank you! And yea for not having to dig in to expression maps for this!