Accent or Marcato Plays C0

During playback, an Accent or Marcato mark plays C0 (or similar note) regardless of the score note or chord that that Accent or Marcato is attached to. When the Accent or Marcato is removed, C0 is gone. When added back, C0 plays.

This occurs in Write, Engrave, or Play mode. And it occurs in other scores created from MusicXML. It does NOT occur in a new score created from scratch.

Since this score was created from a MusicXML script. It’s not clear if this is from an internal Davinci bug related to XML-created scripts, from some corruption in the MusicXML script, or from an incorrect Dorico setting (i.e. a user bug). Or something else.

Attached is the Dorico file.

Please take a look.



p.s. Note - The score was created from a MusicXML script, which was created from a scanned score using PhotoScore 2018. This score is being edited for for my own use and NOT for distribution, sale, or publication. I.e. no copywrite violation intended.
Dorico (1.09 MB)

Without looking at your diagnostic, I expect you will find that the C0 is a keyswitch from whatever instrument set played the articulation in the file that generated the XML. One solution is to find and apply the correct Expressions Map for the instrument(s) in question. Another solution is to strip the Human Playback (if using Finale) or equivalent keyswitch data from your file before generating the XML.


Thanks for the feedback.

The MusicXML file was generated by PhotoScore 2018. There is no instrument set used. PhotoScore just generates what is on the hardcopy score (a PDF file, in this case.) After some further digging and experimenting, this seems to be getting stranger…

  • Adding an accent to a new score works fine. Saving the score in Dorico format and then reopening it works fine. Accent marks work as they should.

  • Opening an old V1.x file Dorico score which was created using an imported Music XML file, it works fine. And that includes saving it to a file in the format of the current version of Dorico and then reopening.

  • On a hunch, I opened the MusicXML file and examined the Music XML file. I don’t see any odd XML tags or code in the proximity of the Accent tag

However, here’s where gets strange…

As I mentioned above, adding an accent to a score created from MusicXML with the current version of Dorico causes a C0 note to be played. (It may not be C0. it’s just a very low base note.)

When you save this score to a Dorico score file and then reopen that score file, ALL of the accent marks are gone! They don’t exist anymore in the score. This scenario also occurs in a newly created Dorico score (NO MusicXML involved). I.e. create score, add accents, save to MusicXML, and then reimport. No accents.

At this point, it looks like there may be a one or more Dorico MusicXML bug(s).



p.s. To answer the obvious question, my current version of Dorico is V2.1.10.1080, running on the current version of Windows 10. The workstation is all SSD, 32GB memory, and a fairly fast CPU.


I just installed the latest version of PhotoScore to see if that would solve the problem. No change. Still exists.


Which instrument(s) and expression map(s) has Dorico assigned to the file…?

Dan, I don’t think this is a Dorico bug. For whatever reason (because you’ve changed something in Play mode or in the HALion interface, or possibly for some other reason) Dorico is using the wrong VST expression map for the sound you’ve got loaded in HALion Sonic SE, with the result that it’s playing the C0 keyswitch that would normally, if the sound loaded matched the VST Expression Map specified for the channel, produce the marcato or accent sample.

I would suggest you try doing Play > Playback Template and choosing the default ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template, which will reload all the sounds using default settings.