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I know there have been other threads about this, but I am still having this problem. I would like an accent mid tie. When I use ‘force duration’ for the rhythmical layout I would like, add the accent, then tie the notes, the accent disappears. I read elsewhere this should not be the case? I attaced a picture, I would like to tie over to the 16th note and preserve accent.

Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 23.09.42|395x172

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You can do this by creating the (accented) notes in different voices and then add the tie. The accent will stay on the second note. It may be necessary to hide some rests as well.
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That won’t work if the tied notes need to be beamed to each other.

@seanodalaigh I’m unsure as to which notes you want tied. Do you want to tie the accented to the notes that come before it or after it?

What about a slur instead of a tie? That’s how I would interpret it as a performer anyway.

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Not a great option but you can use a LV line and make it look nice in engrave mode.

Thanks everyone for the replies!

@pianoleo apologies I should have been more clear. I attached another screenshot; I would like to add the tie in red.

@brittencellist thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking this too. It is a sustained scraping sound caused by dragging a stick tip on a cymbal and the accent would be a very brief momentary addition of pressure. So the tie and accent seems like the best option to me for this. And adding dynamics is also not an option due to the amount of them.

I guess I could add an accent glyph later? But this would be a lot of trouble with the amount of these in the score.

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Your best bet is probably to construct a custom playing technique that uses an accent glyph.

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Ah this is a great idea thanks!

I’d have replaced that tie with a slur.

But that will look different, unless you mess with it manually.

Since the slur would be idiomatic for this situation, I don’t see why it should look identical to a tie.

Do you mean a slur under all the notes? With no tie to the 16th note?

That could happen, but initially I was just thinking of replacing the red “tie” with a slur. Now I realize that would be unidiomatic for Dorico.

Thanks for the clarification!

I discovered today that you can also do this within the same voice. For that, create the two notes in a way that the first one is shorter than its actual value, then tie, then extend the first one (with extend to next note, for instance).

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  1. Enter the notes as three notes, with the accented one as the second note. The outer notes will be tied but the middle one will be separated from the other.
  2. Add an accent to the middle note and change it to another voice.
  3. Select the first two notes and tie them
  4. Select the last two notes and tie them
  5. Get rid of the rests
  6. And now for the magic: select the whole enchilada and set it to voice one.

The tie chain will be preserved with the accent in place.

BIG CAVEAT: Since you seem to use this on a percussion kit, I’m afraid it won’t work. It only works on normal staves.