Accented characters in metadatas


As I have clients who need to have accented characters in the artist name, I would like to keep these accented characters in the master files.

Most of the metadata is selectable from @CdText…@.
This means that there can be no accented characters in the metadata (the CD text is composed of ASCII characters only, not accented characters).

Thanks to @Justin_Perkins, I figured out how to use @CdTrackTitle@ instead of @CdTexttrackTitle@ to allow accented characters in the files for the track title.

What I understand is that there is no way (defined and forgotten) to set the metadata to a source other than CdText for any data other than the Track Title.

For example, the artist name is “Oxygéné”. If I put “Oxygene”, it doesn’t have the same meaning at all.

Did you find a solution in Wavelab to this problem ?

Thank you :wink:

Yes there is. See manual there: Metadata for CD Tracks


Yes, I know what you mean. The method I use allows me to have the accented song name be in the marker name which gets pushed to metadata, and the non accented name in the CD-Text track title which is also used in my naming scheme for safe file naming.

However, if the album title or artist name has an accent, I normally have to fix this in the 3rd party metadata app I normally just use for double checking things.

I don’t see a way to enter an accented album title or artist name and have that go to the metadata while the safer non accented version goes to the CD-Text.

It’s pretty rare when this happens but it would be nice to have better metadata/CD-Text entry options as the way it’s done now seems pretty nerdy and hidden.

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There is no perfect solutions for the moment.
I’ll go with an external metadata editor for accented metadata in Master files.
But will keep avoiding accents in wavelab, as long as some projects may finish to a DDP.
Thanks again :wink:

What I have proposed is perfectly valid for accented metadata within WaveLab.

For now, there is a good solution if the accented or special characters are just for song titles. If the accented or special characters are in the album title or artist name, I don’t have a great solution right now to send a safe version to the CD-Text but complete version to the metadata.

In other words, I don’t see how you can enter an album title that has an accent in the CD-Text editor (or anywhere) and have the accented version go to metadata for rendered files, and have the safe non-accented version go to the CD-Text.

I’ve only found a workaround for song titles, but not album title/artist name.

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You have to type the accented and non-accented text in two different places.
One is the CD Text editor, and the other is the CD Track metadata dialog.
The CD Track metadata offers more or less the same fields as the CD-Text editor.
More typing of course, and two sets of text variables, but I can’t see how this can be avoided.

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Thanks, I’ll look closer at the CD-Track Metadata area soon.

I think generally speaking, WaveLab could use a new approach to this and have one main point of entry for data that is easy to see (unlike the ID3v2 Metadata Window) and that info gets pushed everywhere, with an option to automatically reduce to ACSII friendly names for CD-Text.

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You type what I think ! :+1:
This could be a good way to implement the differentiation.

I have a good test for this on a project tonight. The artist name has an accented character in it. Obviously, the CD-Text Editor won’t accept it with ASCII chosen, but I’ve put it in the CD Metadata window.

We’ll see what happens when files are rendered.

I made a little progress with this last night. As expected, you do need to enter the name in two places but I think it will at least save the need for editing in a another app.

I need to test more when I have time on a test montage that has no plugins so it’s faster to trial and error before saving a preset for it.

Nice to know that you continue learning stuff about WaveLab :wink:

Yes. this is a pretty hidden and confusing feature that I never really noticed.

All that said, I do think a more clear and simple single entry point for the data (with the aid of spreadsheet input) that gets pushed everywhere with considerations for simplifying file names and CD-Text would really help clear up a lot of confusion, especially for newer users.

Thank you for your inputs.
Nothing more to say.
I’ll test all this this week

This is right

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Sorry but this is not clear to me.

Let’s take a simple example I took today
I chose the artist name : Iodé

When I enter this
CD Text editor : IODE
CD Track metadata dialog : Iodé

Then I read in the different following files :
Mp3 file’s Metadata : IODE

No difference between FILE metadata and CD-text metadata !

  • DDP metadata is ok because it has the non-accented characters → good for all CD players
  • But the file’s metadata hasn’t the accented character I’d like it to have

So… crossing test :

When I enter this
CD Text editor : Iodé
CD Track metadata dialog : IODE

Then I read in the different following files :
Mp3 file’s Metadata : Iodé
DDP : Iodé

There is a difference between file metadata and CD text but not the one expected :

  • DDP has accented characters → not good
  • Files’s metadata has not appropriate characters → not good.

Be sure that I’m trying hard to understand, but this is not logical at all to me.
I’m feeling crazy or little stupid

What do I miss ?

Are you using the proper variables? There are different for CD Text (eg. @CdTextPerformer@) and CD track metadata (eg. @AlbumPerformer@)
And where are you reading the wrong name “Iodé”

Here is where I enter the datas :


I read the metadatas in the app META

I have the impression that in order to understand this, you would have to know 100% the architecture of the data, the fields and the destinations :exploding_head:

Is this ID3v1 or ID3v2 ?

If you write in ID3v1 some Unicode data (anything with an accent, Japanese, etc.), there is a chance that the reader app doesn’t check if it is Unicode. (UTF-8). ID3v1 is an old standard without any character standard. WaveLab writes Unicode because this is the most universal standard.

If you write in ID3v2 some Unicode data, then if the reader app has no bug, it should understand Unicode (UTF-8).

Meta reads ID3V2.4 (UTF-8)
And here is my Wavelab metadata window for ID3 V2

Please not that CD Track Group is correct in the File metadata : Iodé

In these tests, it appears that the mp3 metadata are only taken from CD text Editor, whatever is written in the CD track Metadata dialog.

And that whatever I put in the Custom CD track Metadata, it does not appears in the DDP, nor in the files.

And here are my metadata settings :

Wondering if the issue remains here

If I understand well now, I think the best solution is the Third part program to modify accented metadata. Because managing two different Metadata settings and having to enter twice the infos looks very boring and source of errors, from one Wavelab project to another.
A “simple” automatic character “reduction” to ASCII for DDP would be good. Therefore we could only enter all the metadata once, with or without accents.

Do you have a map for all the metadata entries, fields and destinations please ?