Accents and Ties

OK, we are back to tied note woes. :slight_smile:

Somehow, by tying and untying notes, I was able to get an accent on the tied 1/8 in the basses (bottom staff). I cannot make Dorico accent the 1/8 in the other parts. That seems odd, because it actually makes more sense to have an accented finish to a tremolo than to a sustained note.

This is not a crucial issue, but I would like to get a grasp on the logic here. Why can’t I accent the ends of those tremolos?


It should be as simple as setting the property…

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Cool! Thanks.

Actually, I can’t find that in the properties.

You need to add the articulation first!

OK, I had to re-add in on the first note, then search “articulation” in Properties. All fixed now. Thanks.

Remember that the Properties panel is context-sensitive: it will only show you properties that you can set on whatever is currently selected in the music. If you’ve selected a bar rest (as in your screenshot), then properties for articulations won’t appear.

As an addendum, you got the articulation on the bottom staff in your original picture because those two notes are slurred together, not tied together.

Dorico treats a sequence of tied notes as one single note “event”, just displayed as tied notes as required for the meter.