Accents from velocity?


I’m wondering if there’s a way to automatically add accents to notes (in the score, not talking about playback) with a velocity over a certain threshold?

I’m also interested in automatically converting keyswitches in the imported MIDI file (ie notes outside the intrument range) to playing styles printed in the score.


No, this isn’t possible at the moment, but it’s something we are certainly considering as an option for MIDI import and real-time recording in future versions.

It would be great to be able to select particular positions in a series of bars so that their velocities can be collectively adjusted in order to accent or de-emphasise certain beats.

Thanks Daniel - my workflow is to use Dorico for score production, I compose in Cubase, so any helpful two-way project integration would be great, but keyswitch awareness on import to apply playing styles might be a relatively easy win?

My workaround for adding marcato etc is shift-select the notes in the play window then apply in the write window. Manually using the low keyswitches as deletable markers for playing styles is a bit more of a pain though.