Accents too loud in playback. Can't fix in playback options

Dorico 5 Elements.
Note Performer 4.
Windows 10

The accented notes are way too loud in comparison to the unaccented notes. I attempted to fix by going to Dorico menus>library>playback options>dynamics>Note dynamics>accent>Increase Written dynamic by.
I Reduce the accent to 0.00 , hit apply and close.

There is no change in the volume of accents. They are still there and still too loud. Am I missing something?


Welcome to the forum, @thomas_michael .

NotePerformer may be overriding the Dorico setting with its own expression map.

You might try reducing the velocity in the Key Editor.

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As Derrek suggests, have a look at the playback overrides section of the Noteperformer expression map. What’s there can override the defaults.

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Thanks guys. I’ll go check this out.

OK, so I went into Library>expression maps>noteperformer>“accent”. And just disabled it.
The result is that the accents are much more tempered, and acceptable for now. However, they still do not adhere to any changes made in library>playback options>dynamics>Note dynamics>accent>

Am I on the right track here?

I know I could start tweaking the midi myself, but I’m hoping to set things up so that I never have to do that. I’d like to compose with only notation and get as far away from my DAW as I can. I’m hoping Dorico + Noteperformer will get me there.

Anyway, appreciate the help.

You should check the Playback Options Overrides section of the Library > Expression Maps dialog when editing the NotePerformer expression map.

Thanks! Yes I found this.
I found control over accents in three places:
Library>playback options>Dynamics>note
Library>expression maps>noteperformer>Base and addon> accent
Library>expression maps>noteperformer>playback option overrides>