Accents with Pizz...PLAYBACK


Has anyone else placed accents on string PIZZ only to realize that the playback turns into arco?

Just wondered if it was an issue at my end or a potential bug?

As soon as I remove the accents, the playback returns to the pizz sound that was intended.

Just curious…

This is the kind of thing that varies according to the expression map that you’re using. The problem will be that the expression map doesn’t specify a combination for accent+pizz., and as a consequence Dorico ends up choosing accent in preference to pizz.

Ok, but so how do you go about rectifying that?
I have the opposite problem; an accent in an arco passage is playing back as a single note pizzicato, which is of course not at all what I want. What to do?

It would be helpful if you included information about your Dorico version (Elements? Pro?) and your operating system, as well as a Dorico file excerpt that illustrates the problem.

I realize that, as a new member of the Forum (Welcome!) you may not have the ability to attach files until you have read a few more threads and up’d your Forum trust level, but that should not be too difficult to do, and there are lots of interesting threads here.

Hi Fredrik and welcome! As Derrek says, we’d probably need to see the score. If you have never had a pizz passage then the most likely reason is the Expression Map is wrong in some way. If you did have one, then it’s possible you didn’t cancel it correctly with “arco” or that when typing “arco”, that note also has an articulation like an accent which would mean Dorico could read it as a compound arco+accent . Lots of possibilities at this stage!

My question would be if you’re not yet able to attach files is which VST library you’re using and whether you’re using a directly supported configuration like Halion or NotePerformer or something else.