Accents within a 6/8 bar

Hello everyone,

as always, I wasn’t able to find an adequate answer to my question…
I’m working on a piece in 6/8 which is declared at the beginning of the piece, including the “(e,3+3)” option, which defines the upbeat(is this the correct term?) and with the “3+3” the feeling for the following bars.

But: six even 8ths are played back with accents on the first, the third, and the fifth 8th in the bar? How come the accents aren’t played on the first and the fourth beat? Am I missing an option or something?

Your help is much appreciated!

Greetings from Germany,

The beat stress option is very rudimentary at the moment, and doesn’t work correctly for compound time signatures (it dumbly goes ahead and produces a stress once every quarter/crotchet), because it doesn’t have any awareness of the current time signature. This is on our backlog to improve, as well as to implement the option for a slightly reduced stress on the secondary beats within a bar.