Really frustrated. Need support not getting. Contacted management directly because I cannot JUST SEE a solution anywhere. ARE YOU PEOPLE KIDDING. YOUR ORGANISATION IS A PIECE OF JUNK!
because no I don’t have all day and all night to spend chasing answers to pathetic problems like
Why doesn’t my code work?
Entered access code correctly. Not recognised as correct code. Really losing hope here of resolution.
Do not understand why have to post on a stupid forum. Why no contact why no support via direct email or message system.
Somebody please tell what I am supposed to do, wait the rest of my life for a miracle.

I got a yamaha amp it’s free software. It don’t work. This is week 2 going on 3 of absolute BS! All I wanted to do was see the product work so I could test recording studio crap and i am far from satisfied.

Oh did I mention thanks alot for the support.

This is an absolute bloody joke. No I will not be buying any other Steinberg products and no I will not speak highly of these products. I AM TO THE POINT ABOUT TO GIVE UP ON THIS BS AND GET ON WITH LIFE. Buy something else and not ever look back at why would I care about cubase Ai. As if it’s the end all of studio software anyway.

No no I don’t like my chances of getting helped. Did I mention I’m from Australia and if you told me my access code was wrong I’d tear your bloody ear off with my teeth. Over here we rip bark off gumtrees with our teeth for strength building and have pet kangaroos which regularly kick us in the nuts.

Jesus christ

Maybe you should get a cat, wait for for your nuts to heal, and try again with a little more info, what was the code for- download code? Activation code?

What the error you got when you entered it?

Both of those codes are for one time use, so if somehow it had already been used, say by a previous owner, if you bought the gear used, or if it was a store return and the first buyer used the code, and the store didn’t check when they took the return…

Make sure you’re entering the activation code exactly as it is written.


If you’re unsure if something is an O or a 0, try both.

Note that the purpose of this forum (like most company forums) is mainly for users to help other users, for official support you should contact your local support directly through your MySteinberg:

I think they should be able to tell you if someone stole your code.

For Australia, this should also work:

Thanks for POSITIVE REPLY. I am just bout to give up and tell the management where they can shove it.
I have contacted ED DOLL privately who insisted I posted an article instead of giving me solutions. Believe me I have every right and reason to be unhappy and disatisfied as a customer of any kind. I have emailed Yamaha Australia no reply. I have posted here and done what is mentioned above. SO GLAD did not pay any additional money for private purchase of this software.

Cannot contact anyone who has any solution what so ever to offer. I have a Valid code as far as I am concerned and I am not able to have anyone who is offically able to do something about it in touch or am I able to contact them without being made to feel as though I am in the wrong place with my question ‘How is this issue corrected’?

Have entered download access code as appears on paper slip which came with Yamaha item. it shows 0 with slash through it obviously to show they are ZEROs and not O’s. I really do thank you for suggesting to enter it differently but that doers not work either.

THIS DOWNLOAD ACCESS CODE -404 Code does not exist

There is a tremendous amount of noise in your first post. Very hard to read through all the unnececary ranting.

Just to recap:

  1. You bought a yamaha product? (Which product?)
  2. That product did include some free software? (Which software?)
  3. You can’t manage to get the software installed, because you don’t understand how to activate your license (did you read the instructions for activation?)

Rather than yet another laughable rant, please explain IN DETAIL what you did so far in order to get your license activated. We might then be able to assist you.

Your first post is bordering on delusional and you’re not doing yourself any favors on a professional userforum.