Access Code issue

Hi, previously I purchased the Yamaha AG03 which came with Cubase 11 Access Code, and it seems I have already activated it on an older PC which I no longer have. However, when I checked the eLicenser on the Mac that I own now, there weren’t any registered products available there vs the account that I was logged into back then, where it had already shown downloaded products: Cubase 11 and WaveLab Cast. I have already sent an email to the local support but it has been a few days now, and I haven’t received a reply yet. I was wondering whether anyone faced a similar issue and how did you solve this issue?

I also recently changed the email to the latest one which may accidentally caused a bug?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Go thru the Reactivation, please.

Hello, there. Thank you for the warm welcome. I tried going through the Reactivation process but the soft-eLicenser are missing. I’m sort of confused of what I should do next.


Is your Soft-eLicenser registered in your MySteinberg account?

I tried looking through the eLicenser, but there’s nothing there so I guess not. Does this means I’ve lost my DAW forever? :frowning:


If Soft-eLicenser number has not been generated, download and install eLCC Helper to generate the number, please.

Good news is the iPad version has been activated automatically every single time I install the Cubasis LE 3. I have generated the number and copied them, but there is no products registered on my Mac apparently.