Access lost to Cubase Studio 4 after upgrade to C6

My CS4 is on my iMac and backed up on my PC. I still have the CS4 discs. After upgrading the iMac to C6 (via download,
so I have no C6 discs), I cannot use the dongle to open the CS4 on the PC. Remedies?? Can I “repurchase” the CS4 license and put it on the dongle with the C6 license? Or can I copy the C6 from the iMac to the PC, thus creating a backup up like I did with the CS4? I tried the second option using a flash drive. 398 of 422 MB transferred, but I can’t seem to install it since no Setup file or Install.exe file or Install Wizard can be found. Thanks

Update the elicenser software on the PC to the latest version, then try again.

Thank you, thinking cap! Your advice to update the elicenser software on the PC worked, and I’ve now gotten the CS4
to open with the C6 elicenser.