Access to the forum via IOS devices

I’m facing a very annoying issue when I try to access to My Steinberg via iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). In a nutshell, the same password used to access from a Windows10 or MacOS computer isn’t recognized. If I regenerate it via iOS devices, I can access once and then I must change the password to access via Windows10 or MacOS computer. This reminds me the three little boxes game…

That’s odd as I can without problems.

Maybe you’re trying to log into a different account, or permissions on your browser need to be configured.

I’m accessing the forum from MacOS (Firefox), Win10 (Firefox), and iPadOS (Safari) routinely without any such issues.

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I’ll try again to see if the issue persists.

You were right… it was my fault because the password was similar but not the same, Now that I’m using the same password, no issues whatsoever.