Access VST quick controls pages via midi or shortcut

We still can’t remotely switch the quick controls pages, right?

Any idea how to access vst quick controls pages via midi or shortcut?



What do you mean by “Quick Comtrol Pages”? There are no pages. There is 8 controls (by hard).

At least for VST controls (versus TRACK controls) there are more pages available. Key words here: REMOTE CONTROL EDITOR


Remote Control Editor has nothing to do with Quick Controls. This editor you can use just with a few dedicated controllers (Yamaha Nuage, System 5-MC, Avid Artist Series / S3 / S6 and WK-Audio ID). Quick Controls are universal and you can use them with any HW controller.

In fact, there is a user request to be able to map Quick Controls to the Remote Control Editor.

Btw: By the Remote Control Editor you can control any plug-in parameter (VST or VSTi) from the dedicated hardware controller.

I’m using VST quick controls with a nanoKontrol2. generic. That’s the purpose of quick control. Assign whichever midi control to the 8 pots. Dedicated controllers would go deeper and better I guess.

VST versus TRACK quick controls is in the manual, REMOTE CONTROL EDITORS too.

HEre’s a screeshot. TRACK quick controls on the left (for the audio channel 17-18) and VST quick control on the right (for the MINI V2 instrument, where you can see the “page” tab which is the subject of this post.


As I said, Remote Control Editor doesn’t work with your Generic Device (nanoKontrol 2).

It DOES work. The ONLY issue is that I can’t switch those pages, and I’m not the only one. (see also and

I guess we’re not talking about the same thing. There are two types: TRACK QUICK CONTROLS and VST QUICK CONTROLS… etc. Is in the manual I linked screenshots in my previous post.


Operation_Manual.pdf of Cubase 8.5.20, page 664:
“The Remote Control Editor allows you to define your own Mapping of VST plug-in parameters to the Controls of the supported hardware controllers.”.

I’m sorry, Generic Device is not supported hardware controller.

Hi Martin.

I think both of you are right. RCE is meant for specific hardware but you can use it to choose which parameters are loaded as default quick controls for a plugin.
Oddly it doesn’t work with Halion.

That be cool. I’d love to be able to switch pages via MIDI as well on the VSTQC. I use at leas 3 pages on some of the U-he synths. I’m usually able to create macros with keyboard Maestro for stuff like that. Did the same for opening corresponding audio track channel settings on a MIDI chanel.

I think it does work, iirc, with the MCU remote, which the Korg can emulate.


Yes, but MCU doesn’t have an access to the Quick Controls. Or am I missing something?

I thought this was about the Remote Control Editor, talking about switching pages…

This was discussed in this topic:

“wilcofan” apparently wrote a “auto hot key” script to change pages in the RCE but I can’t get a hold of him.
It’s crazy that there isn’t a GR or keywitch to change pages in the RCE…

I would LOVE to be able to change pages in the VST Quick Controls.

Anyone have any idea how to change pages in the VST Quick Controls?

iirc the Mackie (MCU) page command does that. But it’s been a long time, and my memory is better than ever. Wait. Worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Steve but it’s really convoluted to set up pages i na Mackie Control, let alone with VST Quick Controls.